Why Go Bald?

Ken Blanchard, one of the country’s premier business leadership authors, says in his latest book, “To keep customers today, you can’t be content to merely satisfy them; you have to give them legendary service and create ‘raving fans’ – customers who are so excited about the way you treat them that they tell stories about you.”

In order to provide this level of service, we are convinced one must understand the “Why” behind it all.  Why is it important to deliver this kind of service?  Why should I strive to not merely satisfy clients?  As a result, our team has developed a “belief system”, which is the actual set of precepts from which we live our daily lives; those which govern our thoughts, words, and actions.

So, to answer the question, “Why Go Bald?”…  


in educating our clients since you should know what your options are and, of those options, which is the best.


in creating life-long relationships by providing a world-class experience through unparalleled systems.


in consistent communication throughout the process, while always under promising and over delivering, with honesty.


that you can tell what a person stands for by clearly understanding the principles that they operate their business by.


that when it’s time to get financing for your home you must have a person representing your interests more than they are representing their commission check.


that when you work with a consultant who works By Referral Only, they must have integrity or else they have no future business.


that you should work with a consultant who relies 100% on referrals since that means they must have a high-integrity approach to representing your best interest, because they have to.


that even when clients are aware of various mortgage products, they are often unaware of the nature and magnitude of benefits they can realize by creatively structuring mortgage financing.


that one size does not fit all when it comes to mortgages.


that our clients deserve personal mortgage banking services.


that even sophisticated clients require expert assistance to select the mortgage(s) that best fits what’s important to them.




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