What Exactly Do We Do?

Our role, as Personal Advisors to you, is much like the director of a play. Most of our work happens behind the scenes. As part of the audience, you only see the play as it unfolds on stage. However, behind the curtain the director is guiding people toward locations and timing to ensure a seamless performance. Our roles include:

Role 1. Consultant

1. We ask questions.
2. We take the risk of asking questions.
3. We discover what’s important to you.
4. We lead and your choices are easy.
5. We listen vigilantly (to understand what’s important to you).
6. We craft a strategic process for you.
7. We define problems.
8. We anticipate obstacles.
9. We identify solutions.
10. We balance everyone’s needs.
11. We recognize our mistakes openly.
12. We are willing to change.
13. We admit our biases.
14. We help you realize your dreams.

(1) As your Personal Advisors, you may notice we will ask you profound, insightful questions.
(2) Maybe you’ll notice they are the type of questions that the typical lender might not ever take the risk of asking you.
(3) Experience shows that skilled consultants like us will ask you probing, intelligent questions because discovering what is really important to you, is really important to us.
(4) You may notice how quickly you can see that, as your consultants, it is important that we lead you through the process of clarifying your values, because when your values are clear, your choices are easy.
(5) You might also notice, consulting is listening vigilantly to your answers.
(6) What you may not know, is that only when you have confirmed that we have heard you, then and only then, will we craft a very specific strategic process to make sure you get the loan for your home.
(7) Because we are your consultants, one of the things we do for you is appropriately define the problems we encounter during the transaction because you need to differentiate essential objectives from less relevant concerns.
(8) Experience also shows us how to anticipate likely obstacles to achieving your objectives, and (9) then identify sensible means to circumvent them.
(11) As your consultant, we will recognize when serious flaws in our own ideas require our swift, public acknowledgment.
(12) We make mistakes and are willing to make dramatic changes in new directions when required, and we would like to suggest that you do the same.
(13) In the days and weeks ahead, you will begin to notice that we will consistently demonstrate our ability to admit our own personal biases. We will use this awareness to constantly improve our thinking because what is most important to us as your consultants is that you realize your dreams.

Role 2. Negotiator

1. We are like a pit bull.
2. We are skilled, experienced and focused.
3. We critically examine assumptions.
4. We skillfully articulate.
5. We are responsible.
6. We anticipate.
7. We identify flaws.
8. We are committed to you.

(1) We treat your money like it is ours. When it is time to save you or make you money, we are like a Pit Bull. You, like us, know that money is an emotional issue and to represent your own self is like performing surgery on yourself.
(2) We imagine being healthy and unstressed is important to you. Then we would like to suggest you delegate to a person you trust and respect. Like us, you probably believe it’s in your best interest to have a skilled, experienced and focused negotiator on your team.
(3) Imagine what it will be like to have a person who deals with your money, to critically examine the accuracy of the underlying assumptions being relied on.
(4) What you will quickly notice as we are negotiating and working for you is that we will skillfully articulate the strengths and weaknesses of the suggestions other agents or lenders propose.
As a result you will sooner or later become aware that our negotiating skills alone are worth every penny you pay us.
(5) Because we are your negotiators, it is our responsibility to recognize the likely underlying agendas and motivations of individuals that are involved in your transaction. Therefore, (6) you’ll also notice how quickly we anticipate the likely emotional reactions of individuals to actions or communications.
(7) By now, you have probably noticed that as your negotiators, we will appropriately articulate the essential flaws in the arguments of others, and reiterate the strengths of your position.
(8) We will recognize when it’s appropriate to resist the objections of others and remain committed to a sound course of action for you.

Role 3. We Oversee All the Transactional Details

1. We oversee details.
2. We dot the i’s and cross the t’s.
3. We integrate complexity.
4. We are your pilot.
5. We understand turbulence.
6. We recognize the need for accurate information.
7. We see multiple perspectives.
8. We identify unintended consequences.
9. We recognize details so you can relax.
10. We consider effects and consequences.
11. We encourage feedback.

(1) In the days and weeks ahead, you will come to appreciate our role as the people who oversee all the transactional details.
(2) As you can imagine, every “i” must be dotted and every “t” must be crossed, because there are 100 pieces of paper requiring upwards of 43 signatures and initials, and making a mistake can be very costly to you.
Every transaction has 100 to 150 phone calls alone, and each one of them is loaded with critical details.
How does it make you feel knowing that there are 43 different people from 14 different industries that get involved during the stages of your transaction? (3) That is a lot of what is called integrated complexity.
Imagine that borrowing is like flying an airplane across the country. (4) Imagine we are your pilot and you’re our passenger. We may or may not run into turbulence. Have you ever been a passenger in a plane? Have you ever been in turbulence? Then you know!
(5) To make it easy for you to see everything that we do for you, that you don’t see because you are in the passenger seat, we have created a list of 86 different types of turbulence. Click here for a copy of that list.
(6) You will also notice that, as your pilot, we will always recognize what is known about an issue, what more needs to be known, and how to best obtain the relevant and accurate information needed.
(7) As a matter of fact, one of our greatest skills is to see things from multiple perspectives, which means we can likely identify unintended consequences of our decisions.
(8) You can relax because as the person who oversees all of the details on your transaction, we recognize the conclusions that can and cannot be drawn from a particular exchange with all the different people involved.
(10) You can be confident because we will appropriately consider the probable effects and unintended consequences that may result from taking a particular course of action.
(11) As the person who oversees all of the details of your transaction, we will pursue and encourage feedback that may reveal an error in our judgment, and then make appropriate adjustments.

About Two Bald Mortgage Guys

Ken Blanchard, one of the country’s premier business leadership authors, says in his latest book, “To keep customers today, you can’t be content to merely satisfy them; you have to give them legendary service and create ‘raving fans’ – customers who are so excited about the way you treat them that they tell stories about you.” In everything we do, this is what we envision. We see people such as yourself being so enthused with the process and service we provide that you will become a raving fan for us, telling stories to people of what you just experienced.


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