Promise vs. Deliver

How often do you experience somebody telling you something, and then they never do what they said they would? We experience this all the time, and it drives us completely nuts! So something we talk about often is the importance of under promising and over delivering.

For most companies out there, they have an apparent disease where they can only under deliver. They promise the world, and cannot “deliver” a simple return phone call. Rest assured that we are fully committed to not only doing what we say we’re going to do, and when we said we’re going to do it, but as much as possible to going above and beyond in our deliverance. That’s what leads to raving fans.

About Two Bald Mortgage Guys

Ken Blanchard, one of the country’s premier business leadership authors, says in his latest book, “To keep customers today, you can’t be content to merely satisfy them; you have to give them legendary service and create ‘raving fans’ – customers who are so excited about the way you treat them that they tell stories about you.” In everything we do, this is what we envision. We see people such as yourself being so enthused with the process and service we provide that you will become a raving fan for us, telling stories to people of what you just experienced.


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