How Realtors Sell Their Own Homes

Click this link to read an interesting article about whether Realtors sell their own homes for more than their clients, and, if so, what they do to do so.

The article says:

Most people have heard of the well-publicized statistical evidence that that when real estate agents sell their own homes, they tend to keep them on the market longer (by about 10 days) and get a higher sale price (by about 3%) than when they sell homes for their clients.

The article does point out the fact that the folks who wrote a book about this conclude that it must be greed on the Realtors part (in essence) because the additional commission is so little that they figure why bother getting a little higher price for a client. That’s quite the leap, don’t you think? That reminds me of this time I saw an elephant at the zoo, and, of all things, a pink crayon on the ground by their cage. I naturally concluded that there must be pink elephants then. Oh, wait…

That’s the same stupid logic that the author of the book has taken. Let’s take the facts instead of jumping to ridiculous conclusions.

1. Whose the seller the Realtor is dealing with when they sell their own house? That’s right, themselves. I think they now best their own tolerance for risk, and what they will or will not take. When dealing with clients, all you can do is present the facts and let the sellers make an educated decision. One of those facts will be that they could turn down offer X in the hopes for another 3% (let’s just use the same percentage the book says Realtors make more of when selling their home). I don’t know many people who would jump at that offer unless they were hell bent on a certain price.

2. With knowledge comes power (or so they say). The job our any Realtor (or lender, for that matter) is to educate people so they can make the best possible decision for them. However, that is not always easy. People hear what they want to hear. So I could tell you that you should probably reject this offer and wait for a better one. But that does not mean you are going to listen to me.

Anyways, there are more that we could go on with. The bottom line is this…I have no doubt that Realtors make more on their homes than their clients when they sell. But that because they know the seller better than anybody else (themselves), and they know exactly what to do because they do it for a living (hence the fact that their homes are also on the market 10 days longer; they trust what they know). I’m not saying you need a Realtor to sell your home. But if you use one, then make sure you work with one you trust 100%. Get referrals, do not work with those you run into at an open house.

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