Good Video On Refinancing

Click on the title to link to a good video about the refinancing going on right now. We agree with them that these low rates are not at all what is going to get the housing market back on track. Refinancing is booming right now; buying homes is way down. But, as we have continued to say, now is a perfect time to be buying a house because rates are low, and so are home prices. If you were to wait too long then you may miss out on both. It is not like the housing market is pushing up right now, but it is a “perfect storm” for buying a house also.
For those refinancing, just keep in mind that now is not the cheapest time to refi. Rates are very low, the lowest we can remember. But you must pay a point to get those rates. When rates were this low a while back you did not have to pay points to get those rates. So they are low, yes. But not cheap. However, what is different about rates this time is if you do not pay a point then the rate is way higher. So when you calculate the break even point by using the payment savings vs. the loan costs it is interesting to see that it is virtually the same whether you pay the point or not since the rate goes so far up if you do not. That said, it is essential then (and makes the most sense) to pay the point because then you are also saving more money due to the interest savings. Make sense? If not, call us at 830-9685 and we will walk you through it.
Lastly, remember this, you cannot get hung up the costs associated with refinancing. What, you say? There are two major factors in refinancing, rate and payment. Sure costs are important; we are not saying to ignore that because then you are paying frivolous amounts. But you could be paying very little in costs and not seeing much of a difference in payment and rate. You have to analyze how much it will save you, of course. But probably more importantly is how long will it take you to break even on the costs of the refinance. It is critical that you understand the importance of looking at the big picture of what the refi will do for you in the long run, and do not get so hung up on the costs. If a mortgage costs you a ridiculous amount, like 30K let’s just say for argument  but you are making up that cost in 12 months then who cares what it costs. Do you see? If you make up the costs in a reasonable time frame then the costs are not near as relevant because of the savings you will experience long term. There are many, many factors that go into this analysis. So if you want us to run through your scenario for you then get in touch with us.

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