Is It Time For You To Buy A House?

Are you at a place in your life where you’re considering purchasing a home? If so, you’re most likely hearing advice from friends, family, coworkers, and maybe even strangers.  Some are telling you it’s the perfect time to purchase a home loan, others are telling you to wait.  So what do you do?  Is it a […]

Rates are unbelievable – High 3’s!!

It can be a really tough decision when contemplating whether or not to lock in to a rate when obtaining a mortgage. Generally, when rates are as low as they’ve been, the conventional wisdom would say to lock – why risk it when the pressure is for rates to go up, at least theoretically. Well, they […]

Faced with the Decision to Rent or Buy

Since the inception of the a housing market in which one can buy the home they live in, or rent from someone else, people have been wrestling with whether renting or buying is right for them. While we don’t plan on diving in to the question in this post (there are so many variables), we did […]


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