Lenders & Chocolates?

Forrest Gump’s Mama once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you just never know what you’re gonna get.”  This is a fitting analogy in our profession because you just never do quite know what you’re gonna get when working with a mortgage or insurance company.

Or at least that’s what you’re led to believe. With all due respect to Mama Gump, it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is no doubt that the mortgage process itself is filled with uncertainty, to a degree. However, as your team of Personal Advisors, we will educate, communicate, and help you understand and anticipate what each step in the process will contain.

Just like printing the name and picture of each chocolate on the back of the box takes away the guess work, so too does working with a team whose greatest goal it is to provide you with legendary service.  Our commitment is to do all we can, through our exceptional systems, comprehensive experience and unparalleled service, to take as much uncertainty out of the process as possible. Rest assured this is our uncompromising commitment to you.

About Two Bald Mortgage Guys

Ken Blanchard, one of the country’s premier business leadership authors, says in his latest book, “To keep customers today, you can’t be content to merely satisfy them; you have to give them legendary service and create ‘raving fans’ – customers who are so excited about the way you treat them that they tell stories about you.” In everything we do, this is what we envision. We see people such as yourself being so enthused with the process and service we provide that you will become a raving fan for us, telling stories to people of what you just experienced.


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