An Example of What We Deal With Everyday

You saw that we recently posted a video about how difficult it can be to get a mortgage. We thought this would be a funny, yet great example of the stupidity of what we have to put up with right now with lenders.

We have a couple purchasing a house. They both are Attorneys with the DA’s office. She just (like in the last week) had a baby and is on full-pay maternity leave for 90 days. We have of course proven all of this and it was accepted by the lender. We received a few prior to closing conditions that were easy to clear. Then there was one that made us laugh, and grind our teeth all at the same time. It read, “Provide verification Borrower has had her baby and all is well, i.e. she is in good health and expected to return to work as scheduled.” Are you kidding me!! How exactly would you like the proof? Our Processor, Brian, called and asked them if sending them some Placenta cookies would suffice.

For fun, this is what we sent them. Hopefully they accept it. :-D

About Two Bald Mortgage Guys

Ken Blanchard, one of the country’s premier business leadership authors, says in his latest book, “To keep customers today, you can’t be content to merely satisfy them; you have to give them legendary service and create ‘raving fans’ – customers who are so excited about the way you treat them that they tell stories about you.” In everything we do, this is what we envision. We see people such as yourself being so enthused with the process and service we provide that you will become a raving fan for us, telling stories to people of what you just experienced.


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