8 Keys to the Mortgage Market in 2011

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We find it quite funny how the government seems to think that more and more regulation is the answer (see Keys #1 and #2). This has proven so far to help some, yet make doing and getting mortgages extremely difficult. At times it has prevented folks from getting a mortgage that would be very helpful to them, or has punished folks by making it more expensive for the customer or us. It’s not right. Does the government honestly think that “mortgage disclosure reform” is the answer? Are you kidding me? Yeah, that was the reason for the real estate/mortage mess. If they honestly think that then we are in big trouble.

Numbers 3-8 are so “pie in the sky” right now that it is almost laughable. Basically they are saying everything needs to get back to what it was and then it will be alright. Wow, that really insightful “keys” you all came up with. Not going to happen, folks.

There is one primary key to the mortgage market this year and that is the Federal Reserve (Key #8). Their “Quantitative Easing” plan is so full of holes that it could not hold water if it wanted to. Frankly, we are relatively convinced that the Reserve does not know what exactly to do because they are running out of options. Flooding the economy with Billions of dollars is not going to lower rates. It is, in fact, going to raise rates (as it has quickly done). Then when inflation kicks in what is going to happen? Rates will go higher, faster. Why the Feds do not seem to get this is utterly beyond us. But it’s simple economics.

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