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Thinking of Renting Out Your Home?

Click on the title to link. This is a good article to read if you are considering renting your home because it will not sell, or for vary other reasons. It should not be viewed as discouraging, “just the facts, Mam.”

Will Listing Your Home Disqualify You From A Refi

Click on the title link. The short answer to the title of this post is, “Maybe.” Many lenders will now accept a refinance where the home has been on the market. It must be off the market for at least one day. But there are two very important things about this: 1. The home absolutely must […]

Need To Refi, But Your House Is Underwater?

Click on the title to link. This is an article about two government options if your house is underwater. The thing about these two options is they are not as easy to get as they may make them sound. There has been numerous articles about how these two programs have not really accomplished what they were intended to. […]

The Recession Drags On…

Click on the title to link to this article. An interesting article about how in several states the recession is either clearly still in force, or was much later than the advertised mid 2009 that came out recently. Interestingly enough New Mexico is listed as one of those states.

The Recession Is Officially Over! Sure It is.

Click on the title to link. This article is proof that numbers do sometimes lie. On paper this recession may be “over”, but that is the most ridiculous thing considering so many other factors (unemployment, poverty level, people are not spending, etc.). This “recession” or whatever you want to call it is not over, despite what […]


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