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Albuquerque Foreclosures Surge

Not sure if you saw it or not, but there was an interesting article in the Albuquerque Journal on Sunday about how foreclosures in the metro area have doubled from where they were at this time last year. Again, the sound our broken record, this should be expected by anybody reading this blog regularly. It could […]

Amazing 3D Art

Click on the title to link. This is just for fun. Check out this amazing street art.

Do Banks Have The Right To Foreclose?

Click on the title to link. This will be an interesting story to follow. Not sure anything will come of it, but watch and see…

Dream of Home Ownership Fading?

Click on the title to link. Here is a sad article about how many folks are thinking they will never be able to own a house. We think most of this is because people do not understand their options. When you here nothing but bad news about real estate in the news then it is going […]

Appraisal Under Scrutiny

Click on the title to link. Our poor intentioned, poor planning government has so screwed up the appraisal process for loans it should be a case study in college of what not to do (any questions about where we stand on this issue?). They revamped the appraisal process to “protect the consumer” from over inflated appraisals. […]


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