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Thank You!!

This time of year we are reminded of the blessings we have to get to do what we do. You are a big part of that. Have a very Merry Christmas, and a great New Year. We are always here for you and anybody you may know. God bless.

An Invisible Threat to Home Values

Click on the title to link. This is a good article for those looking at buying a house right now.

New Wave of Disclosures coming Jan 1, 2010

Very few people actually enjoy change. Hopefully you are one of those people that do because that would mean life is probably at least a little easier for you, as change is inevitable. For us, like it or not, we’ve learned to embrace change because in our industry, every morning is an adventure due to the […]

Refi Window Finally Ready to Close?

Who would have thought mortgage rates would be as low as they are for as long as they have been? Either way, it’s common knowledge at this point, at least with folks in the industry, that rates for conventional loans (loan amounts less than $417,000 in most areas of the country) are artificially low by somewhere […]

Just In Case You Are In This Situation…

Click on the title to link to this article about debt collectors, and how they are ready to deal.


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