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Interactive Foreclosure Map

Click on the title to link. This is an interesting interactive map that shows you the progression of foreclosures in the US over the last 4+ years. Be sure and drag the “vertical bar” under the map.

10 Things That Will Kill Your Home Loan

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Is Housing Doomed?

Click on the title to link to this article. We have said many times before…unless the housing market is stable then we cannot claim we are out of this recession. This article is a great summary as to why we are not even close to a housing recovery and, thus, why we will not be out […]

Should I Be Intentionally Late on My Mortgage?

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, we’ve been receiving more calls from folks who are having a tough time making their mortgage payments. And, of course, these folks are wondering what options they have to try and improve their situation. At this point, the best way to start is to contact the company that is currently servicing the […]

Stemming the Dollars Decline

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