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Tax Credit Effect

Click on the title to link. There is no doubt the tax credit is driving the housing market right now. Homes in ABQ under 200K are going pretty fast, especially the remodeled ones on the east side. You have until Dec 1 of this year before it ends.

Mortgage – To Pay or Not to Pay OFF

A question we hear often is whether one should pay off their mortgage early or not. Well, as with many, if not most, financial questions we’d argue: It depends. Every situation is unique and must be evaluated on it’s own merits. That said, I will say we believe many folks should consider NOT paying off the […]

Considering Our Last Post…

This is timely. Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy Let’s be positive and have a “glass half full” outlook; absolutely. But let’s be realistic also and prepared to fix the root of the issues (not the symptoms). You can’t put a bandaid on a hemoraging artery and expect it to […]

US Budget Deficit

Click on the title to link. This Administration spends money like nobody’s business. The long-term consequences will be far reaching and severe. You just cannot continue spending money like this without problems. Yet, here we are. This is without a doubt the scariest statement in this entire article: “This recession was simply worse than the information […]

Top 5 Home Buying Blunders

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