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Rental Scam

Read about this today and thought we should make anybody out there aware of it. Click on the title above to link.

Sound Off…

We are your sounding board. What does that mean? If you hear anything and wonder, “Is that right or true?” then you can call us at 830-9685 and we will honestly and unbiasedly walk you through your question(s) or scenario(s). In this process it is helpful (even critical) to have someone to bounce things off of […]


In honor of the new Chick-Fil-A about to open on Paseo, here is a great video for your enjoyment.

More Regulation Here We Come

Click on the title to link to the article. The Treasurey Secretary is proposing more regulation on the financial industry so that we do not have these problems again. We agree that regulation is needed, do not get us wrong. But maybe they should take a look at the system they have in place and figure […]

Rate Update

We know that many of you are hearing that rates are taking this steep dive. Believe us when we say that is not at all true. Have rates moved down slightly? Yes. But the movement has not been near what we anticipated with he Feds announcement last week. Frankly, the small move in rates has been […]


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