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Take Advantage of This Market

The Feds spoke today saying it may take 2-3 years to recover from this recession. That is not really a surprise from everything else we have been reading. But we also read another article about the housing market and how 2008 was one of the worst slide in history. So now what? Well, like we have been saying, […]

Opportunity Abounds

Click the title to link. Is your glass half empty or half full? The Feds today said the economy will get worse before it gets better. They are projecting 2011 before we pull out of this mess. Plus they said our economy would shrink more and unemployment would be higher than expected. So what does all […]

Socialist America?

Click on the title to link. Well, welcome to socialist America. We continue to slip into a socialist country at break neck speed. Here is our question about this proposed mortgage bailout plan, what about all those people who are also having a hard go with the economy who have made sure to keep their mortgage […]

Foreclosure Future

Foreclosure Future

As Congress contemplates deeper mortgage bailouts, this was an interesting graph we found. It shows you that we have the worst still ahead as far as when adjustable rate loans will start adjusting. The peak of it will be in 2010.

Rate Update

Rates continue to hang in there. They have been going up lately, despite continued poor economic performance because people are concerned about the ability of our country to fund all this bailout debt. Countries are not buying. As a result, that has been driving up rates in spite of nothing but bad news. Rates range from […]


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